Make an Invoice Payment

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This article explains how users can make invoice payments using ACH or credit card in the Customer Portal.

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Make invoice payments

Users can make invoice payments by clicking the 'PAY' button under the 'Unpaid Invoices' tab. 

By default, the payment method for all invoices is set to ACH. Users can switch the payment method to a credit card by clicking on the payment method and changing it. If you do not see an option for credit card, it is because your supplier does not accept them for that invoice. 

Please note that you can only pay by ACH or credit card during a single payment run. (i.e. if you select an invoice that has credit card for a payment method, you will be unable to select any with ACH as a payment method and must do those invoices in a separate run.)

For credit card payments any applicable surcharges will also be noted here. 

Once you are satisfied with the payment methods selected for your invoices, select the invoices you wish to pay and click Confirm. You can select up to 200 invoices at once. 

If discounts are available and are not expired, they are auto-applied to the invoice, and the payment amount is reduced accordingly.

Users will see a confirmation screen that displays the details of the selected invoice(s) and the funding account details.

Select Confirm and the payment will process. 

If a funding account for the payment method does not exist, then the user will be prompted to add ACH account details or card details on the next screen before the payment will process. 

Once the payment processes, you will receive an email confirmation. 

Payment Statuses 

There are three payment statuses available for an invoice:

  1. Ready to pay - Invoices are unpaid, open, and ready to be paid 
  2. Processing - The payment is in process. Refresh the Customer Portal to receive an updated status. 
  3. Failed - The payment has failed. The reason for failure is displayed in the hover text next to the error icon.

Payment Outcomes

When a payment is successful, users will receive a confirmation email with the payment details of the invoice/s. The corresponding invoices will be removed from the Unpaid Invoices tab.

When a payment is unsuccessful, the invoices will be indicated with an alert icon with the status as Failed under the Payment status column.

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